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In Αλφα Greek Online we offer three courses in modern Greek language of all CEFR levels to children, adolescents and adults:

a) General Greek course, b) Ellinomatheia exams preparation course and c) Greek for Tourists course.


General Greek   course is suitable for anyone who would like to start learning Greek, to enhance their knowledge and abilities and to develop further their communication skills in Greek language.

Ellinomatheia exams preparation course 

is suitable for anyone willing to acquire the Certificate of Attainment in Greek.

Greek for Tourists course is designed for those who are planning to visit Greece and would like to learn the basics, in order to be able to communicate with the locals while travelling around the country!  

In Αλφα Greek Online we also provide tutoring to students attending Greek schools all around the world.

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Our courses are conducted both in group (3 and 5 students) and individual private classes,

in order for students to be able to choose their class according to their age, level and educational needs. 

The lessons are addressed to anyone interested in learning Greek as a foreign language, to students-non native speakers who study or would love to study in Greek universities and to expatriates

Detailed information about Registration and Fees you can find here or you can contact us at any time. We will be glad to hear from you!

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