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Method of study

In Αλφα Greek Online we offer modern Greek language courses of all levels to adolescents and adults, as well as Greek literature and history courses (CEFR level: B2+) in order to provide our students the opportunity to improve further their oral and written skills in Greek language and deepen their knowledge of Greek culture. We also provide tutoring to students attending Greek schools all around the world.

Our courses are offered in private classes and all our teaching hours are live lessons conducted exclusively online via our specially designed virtual classroom; a safe and student-friendly educational platform adjusted to the distant learning principles, combining synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods.


Students upon their registration receive a personal user name and a password, with which they are able to enter the e-class, to attend the course(s) of their interest, to have access to our well structured course material (lesson's presentation, grammar/vocabulary exercises, creative writing exercises, homework etc.), to digital learning tools (quizzes, flashcards, literature podcast etc.) and various educational activities, they can join the live lessons and interact in real time with their

Greek tutor. 

From the comfort of their home students not only learn to speak, read and write Greek, but furthermore they become part of a vivid learning community that embraces people from different origin and cultural background, promoting respect and understanding across cultures.

The lesson’s technical requirements for the enrolled students are:

1) Computer (desktop or laptop)

2) High speed internet connection

3) Webcam

4) Headset with built-in microphone

5) Greek keyboard

6) E-mail address

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